Doctor Izard

The opening scene takes place in a hospital ward where two patients lie, apparently dying, when a man enters and offers a proposition to one of them. The story then shifts to another town where, years earlier, Polly Earle’s mother died of unknown causes and her father disappeared, leaving Polly, a small child, parentless and penniless. Raised by neighbors, Polly is now a beautiful young woman engaged to be married. A stranger arrives and makes an unsettling request of Polly. Doctor Izard, an intensely private person who had attended her mother, becomes involved. Anna Katherine Green, a prolific and popular mystery writer, was considered to be "The American Agatha Christie". (Lee Smalley)

20 chapters
No. Thirteen, Ward Thirteen
Hadley's Cave
The Young Heiress
Dr. Izard
Nocturnal Wanderings
The Portrait
What the Stroke of a Bell Can Do
The House on the Hill
Ask Dr. Izard
An Incredible Occurrence
Face to Face
At Home
A Test
The Small, Slight Man
The Letter
Midnight at the Old Izard Place
A Decision
Dr. Izard's Last Day in Hamilton