Ghosts of Piccadilly

Nothing spooky or supernatural, but a very personal gathering of gossip, letters, and fragments of biography of famous people who have lived in Piccadilly (in London, England) ... and of some of the buildings, now long gone. "If any part of any city deserves a book to itself, it is Piccadilly. We shall stand before some house in the hours when the traffic is stilled, and I shall tell of its history, of the men and women who dwelt there, and talked and loved and gambled and lived and died. I shall follow the lines of my temperament and tastes rather than those of completeness and impartiality: it is likely that I shall be voluble about Byron and reticent about Macaulay." (From the preface)

17 chapters
Preface; Chapter One - A General View
Chapter Two - Contrasted Fates: Clarendon House and Devonshire House
Chapter Three - Another Contrast of Neighbours: 81 and 82
Chapter Four - Old Q.
Chapter Five - The Ghosts of Albany
Chaper Six - Byron
Chapter Seven - Of Burlington House
Chapter Eight - The Palmerstons and Cambridge House
Chapter Nine - 105, 106, and 107
Chapter Ten - The Great Duke
Chapter Eleven - Emma Hamilton
Chapter Twelve - Sir Walter in London
Chapter Thirteen - Harriot Mellon
Chapter Fourteen - Some Other People
Chapter Fifteen - Some Other Houses
Chapter Sixteen - The Shops and the Taverns
Chapter Seventeen - The Church and The End