Sword of Damocles

Anna Katharine Green is best known as one of the first women detective writers, and The Sword of Damocles, first published in 1881, does indeed include several mysteries. There is a very brief appearance by her famous detective, Mr Gryce, but at the heart of the book, which is subtitled A Story of New York Life, are a number of very different love stories. (Summary by Mary Bard)

46 chapters
A Wanderer
A Discussion
A Mysterious Summons
The Rubicon
A Hand Clasp
Mrs. Sylvester
Shadows of the Past
The Barred Door
Miss Stuyvesant
Miss Belinda Makes Conditions
The End of My Lady's Picture
Miss Belinda has a Question to Decide
An Adventure - or Something More
The Sword of Damocles
Grave and Gay
In the Night Watches
A Day at the Bank
The Dregs in the Cup
The Poem
The Japha Mansion
A Man's Justice and a Woman's Mercy
The Lone Watcher
Sunshine on the Hills
Mist in the Valley
Miss Belinda Presents Mr. Sylvester with a Christmas Gift
A Question
Full Tide
Two Letters
Paula Makes her Choice
The Falling of the Sword
The Opinion of a Certain Noted Detective
Bluebeard's Chamber
From A. to Z
Half-past Seven
The Work of an Hour
Paula Relates a Story She has Heard
In Mr. Stuyvesant's Parlors
"The Hour of Six is Sacred!"
The Man Cummins