Chief Legatee

"I was married to-day in Grace Church. At the altar my bride--you probably know her name, Miss Georgian Hazen--wore a natural look, and was in all respects, so far as any one could see, a happy woman, satisfied with her choice and pleased with the éclat and elegancies of the occasion. Half-way down the aisle this all changed. I remember the instant perfectly. Her hand was on my arm and I felt it suddenly stiffen. I was not alarmed, but I gave her a quick look and saw that something had happened.... ...I should have passed the matter over as a mere attack of nerves, if I had not afterwards detected in her face, through all the hurry and excitement of the ensuing reception, a strained expression not at all natural to her. This was still more evident after the congratulations of a certain guest, who, I am sure, whispered to her before he passed on... ...She entered the office with me and was standing close at my side all the time I was writing our names in the register; but later, when I turned to ask her to enter the elevator with me, she was gone..." (Excerpts from Chapter 1)

30 chapters
A Bride of Five Hours
The Lady in Number Three
He Knows the Word
Mr. Ransom Waits
In Corridor and in Room
The Lawyer
Hunter's Inn
Two Doors
Half-past One in the Morning
Where the Mill Stream Runs Fiercest
A Detective's Work
I Don't Hear
God's Forest, Then Man's
In Mrs. Deo's Room
Between the Elderberry Bushes
On the Cars
A Suspicious Test
A Startling Decision
The Devil's Cauldron
Death Eddy
She Speaks
Fifteen Minutes
There Is One Way
Not Yet